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Pruvan Direct: Some Great New Updates!

Last year, Pruvan, the software company that provides process management solutions to the preservation and related industries, rolled in some great new features for their online platform Pruvan Direct to help their customers better manage their work flow. There are more features that has been published since and others that are either upcoming or is in production. Which makes it more efficient for contractors and preservation companies to manage their data. On this blog, I give a full walk through of these new features to better help you navigate on how to use them. Upcoming New Features: Pruvan is working on some changes to their online platform and mobile app. The features include: 1) Curr

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) Acquires M&M

Mortgage Contacting Services (MCS) has had a history of buying out its competitors whenever it could. This strategy has not only helped them to expand their business but has also helped them to kick out their competition in certain states. In September 2014, it bought Corelogic's field services business unit; in November 2017, it bought Carringtom Home Solutions' field services division; and now last October, MCS bought the Miami-based M&M Mortgage Services as well. Caroline Reaves, the CEO of MCS, believe that acquiring M&M will not only expand their operations in Miami but also strengthen their vendor network throughout the States. It has been reported that Armando Sanz, who was the VP of