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Let Us Build Your Business Platform

With our business solutions, we help you to build your brand by designing your website and promoting it in the right places. We also help you setup your PPW for an easier work flow experience.


PPW Setup


Build Custom PCR forms

Import Client Pricing

Create Work Order Types

Integrate client portals

Setup Auto-Work Details

Create Bid/Completion and Invoice Items

Help Sub-Contractor and office staff with setup

Website Design


Property Preservation Focused 

High Quality and Responsive 

Logo Design

Branding on Social media

Online Promotion

Using Wix

Let us know which plan would be your preferred choice and we will be happy to assist.

We Help You to Setup Your Property Preservation Business And Help You Run It Succesfully

Property Preservation Business Consultation

We Help You Setup Your PPW Account

Property Pres Wizard is an essential tool for every property preservation business. It lets you not only receive results from the infield to your office in a seamless manner but also lets you keep track of your work orders, revenue, and finances. This is why setting up PPW through building custom PCRs, adding invoice line items with pricing, adding imports from client portals, is a must when you get an account with them

Train Your Sub-Contractors To Use PPW

Your contractors might not be familiar with using Property Pres Wizard or Pruvan mobile app to upload photos from in-field. Included in our PPW setup is a free training of sub-contractors where we walk them through how to use PPW and Pruvan so that office staff not only gets the results but also notes and important information about the property through the software.

Property Preservation Business Consultation

Pruvan to PPW Integration

Sometimes your contractors might prefer using Pruvan to upload pictures from in-field, while you use PPW instead. We help you to integrate your sub-contractors Pruvan account to your PPW to transfer results from infield to your office staff more easily.

Property Preservation Business Consultation
Property Preservation Business Consultation

Build Your Brand 

We help you build your visibility online by building your business website tailored for property preservation.  We also list your business in all local listings such as in Google and Yelp. This helps you to be more trustable and helps you hire sub-contractors more easily and be able to get work from nationals with more ease.

Learn More About Our Business Services For Property Preservation Companies
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