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Zayed Ahmed | ASL Team
Zayed Ahmed
Founder and CEO
Morshed | ASL Team
Shift Manager
Khan Osmany | ASL Team
Khan Osmany
Client Relations Executive
Rahat | ASL Team
Team Lead, Day Shift
Sojeeb Vasko | ASL Team
Sojeeb Vasko
Team Lead, Night Shift
Arif Hossain Joy | Property Preservation Processor
Arif Hossain Joy
Team Lead, Day Shift
Fuad Galib | Property Preservation Processor
Fuad Galib
Team Lead, Night Shift
Abdullah Jaber  | Property Preservation Processor
Abdullah Al Jaber
Quality Control
Dipraj Rajeev | Property Preservation Processor
DipRaj Rajeev
Mr. Machinegun
Nazib Mahmud | Property Preservation Processor
Nazib Mahmud
Data Processor, NFR, NFN
Saful Nahid | Property Preservation Processor
Saiful Nahid
Data Processor, MCS
Arifur Rahman Rajon | Property Preservation Processor
Arifur Rahman
Data Processor, Assetshield
Sakib Hasan | Property Preservation Processor
Sakib Hasan
Executive Assistant
Rifat Rabbi | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Rifat Rabbi
Data Processor
Aminol Adud | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Aminol Adud
Data Processor
Masud Rana | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Masud Rana
Data Processor
Atikur Rahman | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Atikur Rahman
Data Processor
Arobi Islam| Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Arobi Islam
Senior Data Processor
Ismail Hossain | Property Preservation Processor
Ismail Hossain
Data Processor
Ismail Hossain | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Joy Baidda
Data Processor
Khalid Salman | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Khalid Salman
Administrative Executive
Zobayer Al Mahmud | Property Preservation Processor | ASL BPO
Data Processor

Our Team!

Meet some of the most talented members of our property preservation processing team.

Khan Osmany | ASL BPO
Morshed Murad | ASL BPO
Rahat  | ASL BPO

About Us

Our Property Preservation Processing Team is a separate unit of our operation department dedicated to providing outsourcing services to property preservation companies in the USA.

We are one of the top-rated work order processing companies in Bangladesh with over 30+ satisfied clients working with us since 2014.

Property Preservation Processing Team
Property Preservation Processing  Company

Why Us?

There are many property preservation processing companies in Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines. So what makes us different? Well for starters, we are transparent with our clients, you know who we are and to whom you are outsourcing your work to. 

We are also committed to providing quality service and going above and beyond. We guarantee for great bid approvals to come your way through detailed bid descriptions and the use of cost-estimators. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to go above and beyond with the services we provide to the property preservation industry. We want us to be someone you can trust in giving work orders to, someone who can ensure to be able to submit your work orders with the highest quality, yielding the most amount of great bid approvals.

But that's not all, beyond our processing services, we want to provide you with a lot of free property preservation resources and training materials and help you in other ways to expand your business!

Property Preservation Processing Team
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