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Sojeeb Vasko

Team Lead, Nightshift
About Sojeeb
  • Hometown: Chittagong, Bangladesh

  • Working in ASL since 2014

Sojeeb Vasko | | Property Preservation Processing Team
What Sojeeb does in ASL

Sojeeb has been with ASL since 2014.  He was born and raised in the city of Chittagong and came from a humble background. When he first joined ASL, he was very shy and silent. But over the years he developed his communication and professional skills to become one of the most dependable employees on the Night Shift.


He is now one of the Team lead in Night Shift and has become an integral part of ASL. Sojeeb primarily processes Safeguard work orders, but he also has experience and knowledge to process MCS, Assetshield, and MSI. 

As the team lead, he now oversees the work of his team and guides them. It is his responsibility to ensure that work assigned to his team is completed in a timely manner without any delay and to ensure that he helps his team to minimize errors by helping them whenever they have an issue or is stuck with a problem. It is safe to say that the property preservation processors that work in his team are some of the most hard-working and diligent employees on the night shift. 

In the future, he aspires to complete higher studies in business and management and be promoted to a more managerial role in the firm.

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