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FAQs On Our Property Preservation Processing Services

 Our Company was built by a team, who had the vision to start something that they believed had a potential to grow. The idea first started in Bangladesh, where property preservation data entry work was first outsourced too, back in 2012. Three people, the founders of this company, then, were working as Executives back then in Dhaka. Gathering experience from  the Property Preservation Data Entry field, they believed they could start a business of their own that could help these companies by processing their orders. Later,  they gathered a team and started ASL.The team is continuously growing every year since 2012 providing companies in the States with Property preservation data entry service.

ASL, which once started with only one client, today has servicing many clients from all throughout the States for different Nationals like  MCS, Five Brothers and Field Asset Services (FAS). What makes us different? well, our customer service in submitting orders before their due and with minimal errors and denials and our goal to reduce costs for our client, and increasing their score so that they can grow as well and get more orders. 

We have an Integrated training system and QC department to make sure our processors are all capable of processing maintenance orders and to make detailed bids on damages from the crew report and photos.

Hire us today and see what difference we can make for you! 

For which Nationals can you process orders?

​We are glad to say that we process for almost all nationals. Currently, most of volume of orders that we do comes from: Safeguard, MSI, Five Brothers, MnM, Wolverine, MCS and Servicelink (Assetshield).

Can ASL make bids from seeing the photos?

​Yes we can!! Of course crew notes help a lot and make our lives easier, but we can do without it. Whether they be simple grass cuts or complicated Maintenance orders, We can make bids just by seeing the photos. whether they be molds, drywall , flooring or any exterior damages, our processors are fully trained and equipped with the latest training guides to make these bids. 

Can ASL deal with denials and Returns?

​First of all, we always try process as such that denials and returns don't come back. But we do understand that this is not always possible either. So, we have a fully trained QC department that handles all the Denials and makes it a priority to correct and send them back!

Do you offer a trial?

Absolutely, We can complete 3 to 4 orders for you just to show our quality before you decide to move forward with us.

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