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Khan Osmany

Head of Operations and Client Relations 
About Khan
  • Hometown: Pabna, Bangladesh

  • Education: Chartered Accountant

  • Interest: Likes to sleep, eat and be lazy. 

  • Father of three kids.

What Khan does in ASL

Khan has been part of ASL since 2013. Before joining ASL BPO, he was the operation manager of a small startup BPO firm named AIC in Khulna. After joining, he took over the night shift and started to handle client communication and training new hires.

One of his biggest achievements is knowing how to process work orders of almost all the nationals. This in turn has enabled him to set up a training module to best train new recruits and get them to become familiar with property preservation work order processing

In 2018, he took over as the second in command as head of operations and client relations. Since then he has been working hard with the clients to solve their issues and to make the clients happy all the while directing the whole operations of ASL BPO. 

In 2021, amidst the covid pandemic, where many of our employees have been working from home, he has worked hard to establish an intricate quality control system to monitor and check all work completed by our remote workers. Because he understands that making employees work from home for an elongated period of time increases the chances of errors occurring in processing a work order, he has been diligent in working with other senior employees of the team to creating a process that identifies all errors before orders get submitted so that they can be corrected, minimizing the chance of any issues occurring.

Khan Osmany | ASL Team
Khan Osmany | Property Preservation Processing Team
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