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Arifur Rahman Rajon

Data Processor, Assetshield
About Rajon
  • Hometown: Barisal, Bangladesh

  • Education: Bachelors in CSE, NSU

  • Aspiring to become a Computer Programmer

  • Nick Name: Rajon

  • Working in ASL since 2016

Arifur Rahman Rajon | | Property Preservation Processor
What Rajon does in ASL

Rajon joined ASL BPO as an aspiring part-timer in the work order processing unit of the operations department. He has learned to process Assetshield, MCS, MSI, Xome, and a little bit of safeguard work orders. He is diligent and hard-working and over the years has become a very important asset for ASL BPO. 

In 2019, after he graduated university he became a full-time employee in ASL and since then has worked hard to ensure that work orders are submitted in a timely manner without any delay to ensure client satisfaction. He is often seen to be working overtime for 11 to 12 or 13 hours in a stretch to submit the orders in queue. 

Apart from updating work orders for property preservation companies, the other responsibility that he has in ASL is developing websites for ASL's clients. Particularly, he specializes in creating websites for startup property preservation companies, who are looking to increase their online brand. Indeed, if you are looking to hire ASL for creating a website tailored for property preservation, it will be Rajon who will primarily develop your business website!

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