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Nazib Mahmud

Data Processor, NFN, NFR
About Nazib
  • Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Education: Bachelors in Civil Engineering, NSU

  • Working in ASL since 2016

Nazib Mahmud | Property Preservation Processor
What Nazib does in ASL

A young and talented member who joined ASL in 2016 as a part-timer, he joined as a property preservation processor in our operation department. He first learned and became an expert in processing NFN, NFR, and Assetshield work orders. Later, he became more familiar with processing work orders of MCS, Safeguard, Guardian, etc. 

One of the two most prominent strong points that Nazib has is that he is very hardworking and very eager to learn new things to augment his professional career. Whenever there is need be, he will stay overtime to process work orders if there is a large workload. 

He is also very forefront and an extrovert person. In 2021, after he graduated from college, he has become a full-timer in our office. Since then, apart from working in the operation department, he has also been the face of our company in our local promotion. 

In the future, he wishes to pursue a higher degree, preferably a Master's in Business and Management or HR, to further his professional career. We will him all the best in his life!

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