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Sakib Hasan

Executive Assistant
About Sakib
  • Hometown: Jamalpur, Bangladesh

  • Working in ASL since 2015

Sakib Hassan | Work Order Processing Team | ASL BPO
What Sakib does in ASL

Sakib joined ASL in the summer of 2015. Since then he has been working as an assistant to the executive board all the while also helping the work order processing department when need be. He has learned to process work orders of Assetshield, MSI, MCS, MnM, BLM, and small Safeguard work orders.

In 2019, he got married and as of 2021 is a father of a son!

One of the best things about Sakib is that as an office assistant he has been overlooking multiple tasks for the office. When the workload is very high, he Processes work orders for the property preservation clients, so that our processors do not have to work much overtime. He also overlooks the IT department of the office, making sure that the internet and servers are always working optimally so that no disruption in our service occurs. He also overlooks and manages the food department and ensures that all our employees are satisfied with the lunch or dinner that we provide. But that's not all, he overlooks all other miscellaneous tasks of our office which helps us to ensure that our office is running smoothly. Kudos to his hard work!

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