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Shift Manager
About Morshed
  • Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Education: Bachelors in Business Administration

  • Despite the young cartoonish look he is actually the oldest in ASL

Morshed | ASL Team
What Morshed does in ASL

Morshed has been part of ASL from the beginning. He oversees the day shift of the operations and manages the day-to-day functions. He is friendly with the employees, makes jokes with them, and cracks some fun, but he can be extremely strict and overbearing if he needs to.

Before he joined ASL BPO in 2013, he was working in Kazi IT center, another BPO firm in Bangladesh, where he lead a team of 20 on a project for MnM to QC their work orders. In ASL he used his previous experience to manage one of the property preservation processing teams in the operation department. His previous experience with QCing for MnM made him able to identify the issues the employees had when processing work orders and enabled him to train and minimize the errors of the operation department. 

Since then, he had delegated himself to work hard in increasing the quality of the work order processing team to maintain the high-quality standards ASL uploads itself to.

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