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Saiful Nahid

Data Processor, MCS
About Saiful
  • Hometown: Barisal, Bangladesh

  • Education: Bachelors in Microbiology, NSU

  • Working in ASL since 2016

Saiful Nahid | | Property Preservation Processor
What Saiful does in ASL

Another talented member from North South University, Nahid joined ASL BPO in 2016 as a part-time employee. He was first working in the work order processing department, learning how to process MCS, Assetshield, and Wolverine. 

He soon became a dependable employee, and very trustworthy. One on whom the company could rely when there huge workload. Due to this reason, in 2018, ASL decided to promote him to handle client reporting and handle work order rejections and reopens. 

Since then, not only has he been responsible for analyzing reports and sending them to clients but also in rectifying the work order rejections. This also has enabled him to see critical errors that are occurring in processing work orders, as he is directly looking at rejected work orders from the nationals. This has led him to assist the QC department with a lot of insights on how to train the employees better to increase their quality. 

In 2020 after graduating from University, Nahid has decided to take a break from work and pursue higher studies in the UK. He is expected to come back and join ASL once his study is completed.

Saiful Nahid | Property Preservation Processor
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