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Repairbase: A Guide to the Cost Estimator Tool

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


Repairbase, is one of the most renowned cost estimating software used in the Real Estate​​ and Property Preservation Industry, used by Appraisers, Contractors and Realtors alike to provide itemized estimates for cost of repairs. Thus, it is impertinent, that those who use it has a thorough knowledge of the line items present for different type of repairs and be able to choose the correct line items to maximize the price of the estimates.

For this very reason, I have created a 133 page Repairbase guide eBook that shows you exactly which items to choose when providing bids and the line items that generates the max price per unit. To make case for my point of why this is necessary, let me show you some examples:

For mold abatement estimates to remove mold with antimicrobial/bleach there are several line items present, each generating different prices:

Repairbase mold bid example

While the first two line items are similar, the third generated $19 to $25 dollar less for 100 square feet. The difference in price can scale to a large sum of money that can actually mean loss of hundreds of dollars just because the correct line item was not chosen by your assistant!

Also, more often than not, it is very hard to find some line items for repairs, especially those that are not regularly used. For example did you know that you could add line items to replace toilet paper holder/toilet bar, or for toilet angle stops when providing estimates for Bathroom Re modelling?

Repairbase bid line: replace toilet paper holder

Repairbase bid line: replace angle stop

Or that you could bid for French Drain installation for Bsement using Repairbase as well?

Repairbase Bid line item: French Drain

The guide is intended for exactly such cases; for those who are fairly new to using Repairbase, or for business owners whose assistants use them, to help you ensure that the cost estimates are correct while generating the maximum amount of profit for your company.

The best thing of all though, is that the eBook guide is absolutely free! All that you would need to do, is participate in a small Survey that we are taking for those who work in the property preservation, real estate and other related industry. Once you take the survey, we will email the eBook to you!

If you are unsure whether you need the eBook, download the demo of the first 15 pages of guide to the cost estimator tool.

Take the Survey! Repairbase guide will be sent to the email address you provide within one business day.

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