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Assetshield QC: What is wrong with them?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Assetshield's Quality Control: What is wrong with them

As I write this blog, I am also correcting some of the QC rejections of Assetshield (Servicelink's new vendor portal) orders of one of my clients. There has been a recent influx of QC rejections from April in Assetshield, and my client has requested that we help them take resolve them as well. As I go through them, I cannot help but ask, who trained these QCers? I mean seriously, who trained them? I have been resolving rejections that ask for additional information and clarification, yet the information was already provided in the work order; rejections that are sent with dubious reasons; and those that are due to Assetshield's faulty software and the QCers lack of understanding. Here are four examples of actual rejections I got, and continue to get in different variations: 1) On one work order I got this: "Please provide the exact reason for performing trim tree and trim shrubs, since there is no request to perform, same wise remove line items from the order results. Thank you." Upon opening the work order and going into the order results, in one section of the instructions I found it was written in red and bold "Trim any shrubs/vines/bushes/trees touching property..."

2) A second rejection stated, "Please provide the exact reason why pumping of water from basement was not completed as you have only checked marked not needed and reported that no emergency issues at house" That I believe was a pretty self explanatory rejection as to why work was not completed, wouldn't you think so?

3) Grass cuts are being rejected with notes that go along the lines of, "please provide additional grass cut photos as the current pictures do not justify grass cut" even though picture perfectly justify work being done with all required pictures being available.

4) Some orders have the proof of summary (POS) section in the first page of the work order disabled with previously filled up answers selected. If any information with the current work order by chance does not match with what is given in the POS due to POS being outdated, the order will get rejected. Similarly, some orders will not have a PRM file in Xactprm to provide bids on, even if in order results it is mentioned about this and the bid is instead provided through say, uploading a Repairbase pdf in the document section, order will still get rejected.

These are some of the many problems, that I believe most contractors who are working for Servicelink are now facing in their new vendor portal site. One of our client's manager has already sent complaint to the regional coordinator multiple times to no avail. Somehow this has to be brought up to Servicelink's Quality Control department to let them know of these ongoing issues as it is hurting many of the contractors who are working for them.

Hope this posts helps, please do comment if you have any similar issues to let me know and share this posts to make everyone aware, and on the off chance that someone working in Servicelink picks this up and takes action. Also related to Assetshield, I have another post that discusses the changes that it has from FieldScape, feel free to read it as well.

Zayed Ahmed, Founder and CEO of ASL BPO
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