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An In-depth Walk through on Bathroom and Kitchen Items

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Although most items in the bathroom and the kitchen are common, there are some specific terms used for some items that a processor must know in order to correctly identify them. In this post I have tried explaining all such items that are present.

Video Transcription

Hello this is Zayed Ahmed, from ASL BPO on another edition of Property Preservation Training. On this video I would like to do an in depth walk through on all the items that are present in the Kitchen and the Bathroom of properties, although most of these items are common, knowing the correct term is essential for processors to correctly process orders.

Kitchen Items:

All kitchens have a set of Appliances that every processor needs to be familiar with. Most of these appliances are common house hold items that you already know of such as, Refrigerators, Oven, Stove, and Microwave ovens. Additionally, other items which you might not be very familiar with are:

Range Hoods: which is used for ventilation and is installed directly above the stove. It removes all the combustion products, airborne grease, smoke, etc. that is produced while cooking.

Dishwashers: As the name implies they are used to wash dishes and is also an essential appliance on the kitchen that should be present on each household.

Garbage Disposals: which are electrically powered device installed under the kitchen sink between the drain and the trap. It sheds food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing.

If any of the aforementioned appliance is missing in the kitchen whether the refrigerator or the range hood, they should all be always noted down by the processor in the work order. Sometimes, it is also necessary to provide bids on them if the work requires.

Pea Traps (P-Traps) are another essential component that is present under the sink, it is the U-bend shaped like plumbing line which has a purpose of trapping debris that drains with the sink and prevents it from passing and clogging the drain. P-Traps need to be bid on to be replaced if it is shown to be damaged.

All kitchens will have kitchen sinks with working faucets and drains. Such items if damaged or missing should be bid on always.

Kitchens will also have Cabinets, which are used to keep and store cooking items. We need to ensure that these cabinets are not damaged, if the doors or shelves are missing or the material that the cabinet is made of rotting, we need to ensure to bid to remove and install new cabinets.

Bathroom Items:

All bathrooms should have the following items present and intact with no damages being present:

Toilets with toilet seat as well as the toilet paper holder being present, sinks with intact faucets, showers (which can be a separated place made of fibreglass, ceramic or natural stone, and where people take bath in) with the shower head being present. Instead of the shower, the bathroom can also have a bathtub or a shower and bathtub combo, in both the cases the fixtures should also be present and working.

A Bathroom Vanity is the cabinet that is with the sink, all vanities should have the sink top and faucet present. Medicine cabinets is the cabinet that is usually present on the top of the bathroom sink and is used to keep medicines, toothpastes and brushes and any other similar items as the name implies.

Bathroom vent fans are a type of exhaust fans mounted on the ceiling, they are used to remove odours and smell.

Bathrooms as well as the kitchen sink area has an extensive plumbing system behind the wall, it is important that we can correctly spot if they are damaged or not. An easy way to spot plumbing damage behind the wall is if the pictures show the walls being discoloured. Discoloration of walls and ceilings in kitchen and bathroom is an indicator that the plumbing system has a leak from which water is seeping out causing the discoloration. Another clear indication of plumbing damage can be when the walls in the bathroom, especially around the bathtub and shower is missing, this can be an indicator that someone broke the walls to steal the copper pipe lines and should be noted as Vandalism. Lastly, In relation to this, if in rear cases the toilet is seen to be missing, the toilet drain must be capped to prevent rodents from entering.

That is all for this video, on the next post, I will discuss and explain in detail about the basement and the HVAC system of the house.

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