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Property Preservation Training Manuals

Updated: May 4, 2021

Vendor Training Manuals are essential items to research and study for those who are new to the property preservation business. For both, new contractors who want to sign up with Nationals, such as Safeguard or Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), or for existing contractors who are looking to expand their work, knowing the vendor training manuals for each of these are of big help in knowing how to work in compliance with them. However, these vendor manuals are pretty hard to search and find for new contractors, who still have not signed up with the nationals. As such, in this blog, I have added a list of training manuals that are open resources provided by some of the national preservation companies.

Safeguard Compliance and QC Guide

Safeguard Properties ​​

Safeguard has one of the most comprehensive training manuals for its vendors, it has detailed guides for its PnP and REO vendors, along with compliance guides. Click below for the PDFs of these guides:

You can also go to Safeguard's Resource Centre for more information.

Five Brothers

Five Brothers have some detailed training videos in their vendor portal, however, these are only provided to their contractors. However the below vendor manuals can be accessed, click on the link to view:

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS)

MCS has some detailed guidelines and procedures to follow for HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac as well as for the Department of Veterans Affairs. These can be found on the website, click here to follow.

Guardian Asset Management

Guardian's Resource Centre has some detailed training videos about conveyance issues, how to review orders in their system, and on closing inspection and maintenance orders. The Resource Centre also contains ordinance and laws of some specific states that their vendors need to follow as well as soft copies of documents, such as Winterization Checklists, and Emergency that their vendors may need when servicing the properties. Click here to go to their resource center.

Mortgage Specialist International, LLC (MSI)

Click on the following link for MSI's training manual for contractors: MSI Preservation Vendor Manual.

First Allegiance

First Allegiance is a fairly smaller national in comparison to the others, however, their pay scale is comparatively good than some. Below are links for their vendor manuals:

Northsight Management

Northsight Management is another one of the smaller nationals from whom you can get work. They have a separate resource center for their vendors with detailed guides and online resources that you will need to complete their work in compliance. Below are the links to some of those guides:

Sandcastle Field Services

Sandcastle has two training manuals that are highly useful for vendors or contractors looking to onboard with them. One is their Photo Requirement Guide, which shows in detail how they want their vendors to take photos when working in the field. The other is a Field Representative Manual that has detailed information about various topics that you need to know in order to work with them.

Wolverine Real Estate Services

Wolverine has an open access vendor memo section that you can visit to get information and resources. Their resources include guides on how to complete inspections, grass cuts, snow removals, etc. They also have information on FHA, FNMA guidelines, inspector requirements, HUD regulations among other things.

Apart from these nationals, others such as Servicelink (Assetshield) or MnM do not provide vendor training materials as open resources for contractors who want to start a property preservation business. However, once the contractors do sign up with these National Field Service Companies, they do get an ample amount of online training from most in order to start their business. If you are looking to apply as a vendor for any one of the nationals, this link will help a lot: Vendor Application links for a list of National Property Preservation Companies.

Additional Info:

Hope our blog post on property preservation training manuals helped you as a contractor immensely in starting your business. Once you start your preservation business you will need an assistant to process your work orders. This is where we come in, we provide Work Order Processing services to property preservation companies where we process their work orders, submit detailed bids and damage reports and report the property condition to their clients. If you are looking to hire a property preservation processor, just contact us!


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