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Pruvan Direct: Some Great New Updates!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Last year, Pruvan, the software company that provides process management solutions to the preservation and related industries, rolled in some great new features for their online platform Pruvan Direct to help their customers better manage their workflow. There are more features that have been published since and others that are either upcoming or are in production. Which makes it more efficient for contractors and preservation companies to manage their data.

On this blog, I give a full walk-through of these new features to better help you navigate how to use them.

Upcoming New Features:

Pruvan is working on some changes to its online platform and mobile app. The features include:

1) Currently, in production: RepairBase integration (via the Project "Lines" option) - click on the Create Estimate button and accept $8 charge for bid estimate, architect the bid, and hit "Back to Pruvan", and all bid items will populate the Lines in your Project. When done, check Complete for each line item and process as an Invoice.

2) A total UI Facelift in Pruvan Online account, that will change the user interface design of Pruvan Direct, making it more user friendly and easier to navigate.

3) Increased "usability" with tours for functionality and walk-through of integration pages that will let its new customers get familiarized with their system more easily.

4) Multiple Project invoicing, which possibly lets you invoice multiple work orders at the same time.

New Features Published in Pruvan Direct / Pruvan Mobile App:

The option to add customers/clients

Under the "Client/Integration" tab is a new feature called "customers". You can put the information of your clients in this section along with their billing addresses. This lets you separate/group the work orders by customers in your project tab, making it easier to distinguish the orders and know accurately, the monthly volume of work you get from each client.

Pruvan Direct Customer Integration

Pruvan Direct work orders

Invoicing and QuickBook Integration

You can now create auto invoice line items similarly to how it is in Property Pres Wizard (PPW) and add predetermined prices for each line item. Then add the invoice lines to each work order when you complete them. These invoices can be saved as PDFs to be sent to clients if needed and be synced to QuickBooks to keep track of your accounting.

Pruvan Direct quickbook integration

Work Type Matching Configuration

Lastly, you can take your Work types to the next level by using the configuration options. Automate things like:

1) Auto-assignment by zip code or state: This lets you auto-assign the orders to your subcontractors by the area they cover through the zip code, county, or state.

2) Auto-add tasks: Auto-add task line items to projects/work orders along with Survey and/or photo.

3) Auto-change project configuration options on imported projects

4) Auto-"affect" any integrated orders via specified fields (Reference, Task Name, etc.)

Hope the video and the explanation helps!


The blog is written by Zayed Ahmed. Founder and CEO of ASL BPO. An outsourcing firm that provides Work Order Processing Services to property preservation companies.

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