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COVID19: 5 Safety Measures For Property Preservation Businesses To Follow

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The corona virus pandemic has hit the USA pretty hard, as I write this article, almost 1.5 million Americans have been infected and more 88 thousand deaths have occurred due to Covid-19. That's more Americans who died due to this virus than died in the Vietnam War. What's more scientific experts in the president's administration are predicting that there may be a second wave coming in November, which might be much worse.

This has made it a very tough time for all small to medium sized businesses and this specially so for the Property Preservation companies, as they have to travel around to service properties on behalf of the nationals. Shutting the business and sitting at house through the pandemic isn't an option for most, so many are risking their lives while conducting their business.

While running your business is important, it is more important to stay safe and healthy, because only when you are safe and not ill can you keep working. And so for these reasons here are some safety measures that you can take:

1) Maintain Social Distance

Maintain Social Distance while doing property preservation work

I know people keep saying it, but this is very important for contractors who are doing property preservation work to follow. As you service the properties, keep distance with people on the streets, any people on the neighboring properties and from any people you find are occupying the property you were assigned to work on. This helps you to minimize contact with people and thus, lower the chances of you contacting the corona virus while at work.

2) Wear Gloves and Masks

Masks and Hand Gloves for Preservation Companies

Always wear masks and hand gloves while on work. Surgical masks are the best and most affordable in terms of reducing the chances of inhalation of the virus but if you can't find them any good masks will do.

3) Keep Anti-Corona Disinfectants at Hand

Contractors should Use Sanitizers Regularly

Only certain sanitizers and disinfectants kill corona, such as those containing 70% ethanol or 2-propanol and those containing BKC (Benzalkonium chloride). These will be labeled as being able to destroy the virus and are the ones you should buy. Always keep them handy while you are at work and use them regularly to disinfect your self to minimize chances of being infected

4) Wear Protective Gear If Possible

Preservation contractors should use protective gear to protect from corona virus

I know PPEs might be hard to get by, but if possible wear some form of protective gear, especially in crowded neighborhoods, even a eye protector will help as corona can infect you through the eye.

5) Avoid towns, cities and places with too much infection rate

Preservation Contractors should avoid towns and places highly infected with corona virus

Lastly, some places are known to have way more corona virus infection than others, if these are where the properties are, where you have been asked to service, try to avoid if possible in order to stay safe. Inform your vendor asset manager or contact point that the said property is in corona infected hot zones and that its not safe for you to go in this place, they will understand and work something out.

Hope this helps! Stay Safe!


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