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Pruvan: New Feature Highlights for 2019!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

​​In 2017, I wrote an article on how Pruvan is the perfect mobile solution for contractors that not only helped them certify their results and send them faster from field through integration with PPW and client portals but also helped them promote their business through custom branding. Turns out, in the last two years, Pruvan has released a lot more features that has taken their business solutions a step further in helping Preservation companies and similar businesses with work management.

Pruvan Account Addon Feature

Financial Data Tracking

Pruvan now lets users enter client's and contractor's payments using the line feature in the Edit Project screen. When these line items are marked completed, these costs and payments get added to a billing report, which the user has the ability to run for any given time period to see the revenue and costs incurred.

Pruvan Invoice Line items

Pruvan Billing Report

To automate these cost accounting elements, there is also the ability to enter pre-determined Invoice Items that can be automatically applied to projects for speedy and accurate financial tracking. This can be done in the "Invoice Item" screen through creating an Invoice item master list. Each invoice item can be further configured to pop up different pricing depending on the client code, State or in regards to any particular reference in the work order.

Pruvan Invoice Item Tab
Pruvan - Creating Invoice Item Masterlist
Pruvan - adding configuration to invoice items

Real-Time Field Visibility and Photo Upload

One of the best features about Pruvan’s mobile app is that it continually sends photo results and status signals from the device in the field to the Online account. There is no “down time” in the app for connecting or uploading. This feature of Pruvan helps to get results faster than the mobile app of PPW. Many contractors have mentioned that in rural areas Pruvan's mobile app helps to relay the photos much faster than PPW. But that's not all, due to office admin being able to see the photos in real-time as they come from field, monitoring and QC can be done much faster as the admin in the office can directly call the contractor while being in-field for any missing photos, which eliminates the need for return trips or missed photo evidences.

Notes with Attachments

Although “Notes” have been available to Staff and Admin in Pruvan Online for years, they are now available to the mobile app users in the field. Staff or Admin users can now create both Property and Project notes in their Pruvan account and make them visible to the field worker on the mobile app. Notes can be simple text data or can include attachments (such as .pdf, .doc, .jpg) that are critical for the user in the field to view, print or present to homeowners/law enforcement on site.

Pruvan Project Notes

PDF Photo Reports to Share with Clients

Some National work providers such as Singlesource, wants the photos to be send as PDF reports, one cool feature of Pruvan that allows exactly this is the "Generate Report" option that allows the user to create PDF report containing labelled & certified photos along with the location information. This report can be shared via the Client Portal or simply emailed from the Pruvan Online account.

Pruvan Generate Report Button

Account AddOns

This feature lets work orders created in Pruvan be pushed over to PPW. It also lets Pruvan's Premium subscribers integrate their Pruvan account to Dropbox and Google Drive to automatically relay the photos to the cloud storage to be archived.

Project Tab

Although, the Project Management Screen has been present for quite some time now, it has in the last several years become the main page of a Pruvan account. Contractors can see the status of each work order, whether they have been viewed by their crew after having been assigned to them and if they are complete and ready to be processed. Each project also shows the "Price Total" of what the client is paying for the project and the "Cost Total" which shows how much the crew will be paid for it. The project screen also shows the number of photos present on each project and whether there is any note attached to it.

Pruvan Project Management Screen

Your Work Your Way

Pruvan is more than just a workflow management tool for the PnP Industry. Although, Pruvan has always been known for their seamless integrations directly to national work providers; which is still the case today, the solutions they offer can be used by any other similar businesses. With foreclosures at an all-time low, preservation professionals are trying to survive by picking up local work via banks, real estate agents or property management companies. Some are even pivoting altogether into residential or commercial work outside of P&P to supplement their income and stay afloat. With the Pruvan ecosystem (online, mobile app, client portal and cloud storage), you can manage all the work in one platform.

To learn about Pruvan's Pricing structure, click here.


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