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Free PPW Contractor Account! - Get Work Order Management and Processing Services in One Go!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Today, ASL BPO is delighted to share that we are taking a major step forward on our commitment to provide better services for our clients, contractors and companies who are working in the property preservation industry.

We are introducing a new feature - a FREE PPW Contractor Account - for startup Preservation companies who are using our Work Order Processing Services. This is best for smaller preservation companies, who have just started their business, with one to two crew teams, to help them manage their work orders without any extra costs!

The Free PPW Contractor Account - Introducing the new feature to our services!

Many small contractors, who work for Nationals such as Safeguard, Assetshield, MCS, etc. needs to use a work order management system such as Pruvan or Propertypreswizard (PPW) to manage their work orders. Now, if you intend to hire us for our Property Preservation Processing Services you can get a free PPW contractor account by integrating your vendor logins to our PPW.

Free PPW Account

Here is how it works:

- You hire us for our work order processing services, and if you need a work order management system (such as Pruvan/PPW) we simply integrate you to our PPW and provide you a free PPW contractor account in our system.

- You & your crew install the PPW mobile app on your cell phone & can upload results while being in-field to your orders in our PPW and make them Ready For Office.

- Give us job notes on the work completed and of damage and repairs needed.

- Our employees (who are available 24/7) sees the Ready For Office orders in queue, reads your notes and then proceeds to process and submit the work orders.

- Additionally, using the desktop version, login to your PPW and you can track past bids and invoice submitted, check property history and enjoy all the other normal PPW features using our free account to help you manage your work.

So instead of using Dropbox, Google Drive or emails to send us work orders, get on to our PPW account and manage your work in a much better way!

Here is a deeper dive to the features you will be getting (do note that all of these are normal PPW features that you will be getting for FREE when you hire us for processing services and use our PPW account to manage your work)

#1: Upload the results in-field, using the PPW mobile app

Use PPW Mobile App to upload results

Using the PPW mobile app, upload the results to the integrated work orders in PPW and mark them Ready For Office, our employees will start processing the orders as soon as they are in queue.

Alternatively, if you are using Pruvan to upload results from field, simply integrate the PPW account to your Pruvan account to have the photos automatically transmit to PPW.

You or your crew can also provide us job note instructions in the work orders on damages present, repairs needed and what work was completed, using the PPW mobile app or by logging in to PPW through desktop. This way, our employees have the information to submit the work order accurately and provide correct bids on damages.

Provide Job Notes in PPW

#2: Track Past Bids, Property History and Invoices using the PPW Account.

We provide a copy of all bids submitted in PPW, so using their "Show Past Bids" option you can track all bids we submitted for a property with just one click!

Check Property History in PPW

Using the "past property history " option you can check all past work orders that were submitted and their invoice amounts and can check the future orders that are due for the property as well.

#3: Send Rejected Orders to Follow-up

Follow up Orders in PPW
Rejection Message in PPW follow up orders

When orders are rejected by client, or there are additional information needed, we or you can send the order to follow up in PPW. This makes the order go back to field and be available on the PPW mobile app with the notes on the missing information. Your crew can then go to the property and upload the missing information to the order in PPW and mark it ready for office. Our employees or you can then review the results, once its confirmed that the needed information is present, we will proceed to submit the order.

#4: Get Reports to Keep Track of Payment Receivable From Clients

Never loose track of what you are suppose to get paid by the nationals, when you use our services. Just send us a request to provide you a list of invoice amounts for each work order within a specified period / for a specific national, and we will send you the report within minutes - for no extra charge.

Notes on our Beta Release

- Intended for small contractors who are using Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud file storage platforms. To give them a free PPW account to manage their orders when they hire us for work order processing services.

- Some features that you get when you buy an account in PPW, are disabled in the contractor account that you get from us. So its still best, that as we help you to grow your business (through providing great quality in work order processing) you shift to buying an account from PPW instead.

Feel Interested? Go forth and hire us:

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