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Increased Volume of Work for Xome Field Services and Assetshield!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Xome Field Services

Great news for contractors who are doing business in the property preservation industry. Within the last few months, Xome (formerly Field Asset Services) and Assetshield (also known as Servicelink Field Services) have greatly increased their work volume in all states that they are servicing. This of course is due to them winning several contracts with financial institutions. States where their work volume has increased include but are not limited to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, North and South Carolina, and Georgia among others.

Many preservation companies that have been working for MCS and NFR had seen a drastic decrease in their work volume in the last 6-7 months, for them this could be a good opportunity to bring back up their volume as well as for those who are looking to expand their business and coverage area or are looking to sign up with nationals other than those that they are currently working for.

The pricing structure of both these nationals is fairly good, although Xome pays a bit less on their allowable, they do not take any discount and all their prices are in the flat fee. Both nationals accept Repairbase prices for bidding non-allowable items. To know more about their allowable prices read our blog on Property Preservation Price List, which we regularly update for the most current allowable that the nationals are paying.

Xome and Assetshield increasing their work volume

To become a vendor for Xome Field Services go to their Vendor Application page, to signup with Assetshield / Servicelink visit their contact us page. Hope this helps!


If you need Work Order Processing Services to submit your work orders with quality and in a timely manner, feel free to contact us.

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